Le' Manifesto:
(actually this was never meant to be posted anywhere, more like a note to ourselves... but since we have written it, why not to share.)

Less sugar
There is an absurd amount of sugar in soft drinks and spirits. We use as less as we can and as much as we .

Less boredom
There is plenty of boredom in the world. Plenty of boring drinks. Life's not boring, we're not boring. Why should drinks be boring?

More transparency
We care what we eat and drink and we hope that you do also. It seems nonsense to us, that alcohol manufacturers are not required to list ingredients, calories or the amount of sugar to the etiquette. We want to know that and we would like you to know that also. That's why we like to keep our stuff trancparent it trancparent. Seepärast teeme läbipaistvalt. 

Craft cocktail revolution
Why can you only get good craft cocktails from a cocktail bar? Why do all the current bottled cocktails have to be gross and filled with chemicals and sugar? Why no one else is bottling craft cocktails? WE DON'T KNOW! It is time. Join us! Let us explore together this exciting world of craft cocktails.
If we can't make it better, we won't make it at all
If we can't make it more tasty, more healthy or simply can't improve it, we won't make it at all. We strive to be better.

Healthy and organic
Iced-tea is intelligent and healthy alternative to lemonade. Cocktails and alcohol are definitely not healthy. Yet we drink (atleast we in Punch do) from time to time. And when we do drink, we would like it to be of the highest quality - low sugar, best organic ingredients and without the creepy chemicals.

We make everything ourselves, starting from the gin
When crafting cocktails we begin from the gin. When making iced-teas we hand pick tealeaves and make all infusions by ourselves. We do not use extracts like many big producers. 

Why copy already existing cocktails when there are endless opportunities
Guess that kind of says it all
We are not afraid to admit our mistakes

Inventing is bold, discovering is cool
We are not afraid to do things differently, to try something new. There was a time when no one had never flown before, until someone did...

It has to be an adventure
If what we do is not fun, if it not an adventure anymore, why even bother?

Who are we?
Hendrik listens to synth-pop, writes science publications, makes band and if Punch is all out, then drinks Aperol Spritz. Hendrik hates labelling.
Walter does everything in Punch, but foremost he's still a factory worker. The only one from the crew who had crafted some cocktail before. Like to laugh and his foot size is only 41. Hahaa.
Joosep is the newest member of the crew! Joosep thought that he'll be doing marketing...but mostly he is a factory worker - like everyone else. Joosep is kind of colourblind. Joosep rarely says NO to anything.

Projekt EU50756

European Regional Development Fund helped us to purchase necessary equiptment for makinf Soft Punch iced-teas and Punch Club craft cocktails. ERDF supported us with 15 000 euros. Thank you!
Projekt EU50744 

European Regional Development Fund helped us to build a pasteurizing machine, to grant the preservation of Soct Punch iced-teas.  ERDF supported us with 4000 euros. Thank you!